The website includes information about the organisations active in the field of children’s cancer that have executed the charter (“the members”).

The purpose of the site is to provide the sick child or adolescent, his relatives, caregivers, professionals as well as potential donors:

  • A clear overview of the existing organisations active in the field of children’scancer
  • Relevant information about these organisations
  • The guarantee that the organisations that have signed the charter and that are presented on the website carry their activities in a transparent, fair and reliable fashion

Furthermore, the website strives to enable the members to exchange information and best practices with each other.


The best interest of the child and of its relatives is the main focus of concern for the Members of

The Members are committed to respect the following fundamental principles regarding the child and his relatives:

The child and his relatives have the right to quality care without discrimination or coercion. The main focus must be on the well-being and the needs of the child and its relatives.

The child and its relatives have the inalienable right to privacy regarding their health as well as their psychological, social, financial and private situation.


The members undertake to communicate with the child and its relatives in an accurate, loyal, complete, non-misleading fashion and with evidence-based information.

The members undertake to preserve and guarantee the confidentiality and the right to privacy of the child and its relatives in all communications or information disclosure.


The members comply with the treating physician’s recommendations and refrain in any manner whatsoever to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship.