TUKI offers emotional, financial, administrative and practical support to children with a life-threatening disease during treatments in Belgium as well abroad.


TUKI offers emotional, financial, administrative and practical support during treatments to children with a life-threatening disease. This support is given to evidence-based treatments at home and abroad that are supported by doctors & hospitals in Belgium.

TUKI offers support in the following areas:

  • Emotional support
    TUKI consists of a team of experienced experts who offer a listening ear to the whole family at all times. In addition, TUKI can also count on the help of a child psychologist.
  • Administrative support
    TUKI offers assistance in the administrative tangle in which the family lands (hospital – hospitalization insurance). TUKI also helps in providing information and intelligence.
  • Financial support
    TUKI supports families financially with non-refundable medications or treatments. We offer financial assistance with non-refundable accommodation and relocation costs (mainly for treatments abroad). TUKI also provides financial support for the pre-financing of medication or probe nutrition.
  • Practical support
    TUKI provides practical assistance. As for example an interpreter provided during the intake interview abroad, offer help in the search for a place of residence abroad, …


Administrative/logistical support
Financial/legal support
Palliative care and support throughout the grieving process
Patients’ advocacy
Psychological support




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